Eye Candy and Vertical Scale - Decor for hire

We supply large scale beautiful decor that fits well with the landscape. For outdoor events the decor needs to be big and bold to be stunning.

Large handmade flags, bunting and LED Festoon are hung from our long wooden poles or via our scaffold adaptation kits. Flags can be erected without the other decor or lighting.

Beautiful Visual Texture - Lighting for hire

It is easy to overlook good lighting, but it's a serious missed trick. Every event has feautures that should be made the most of.

Arenas can be lit with LED Festoon, which can be hung from our flag poles or other points. The same lights can be run through woodlands create a truly magical effect, and we would also add colour floods, spots, and more.

A wide range of stagelights, UV floods & spots and a wonderful collection of interesting effects, ropelights and decor lights means that very quickly and simply an event can be transformed by night.

All the lighting we provide is top of the range LED kit, which gives maximum performance for minimum power and infrastructure.

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